Born in Montreal , old Montreal to be exact , he did go to public school and also went to a private college . 
His first guitar influence comes from his father , who plays guitar. One day his uncle gave him and his brother a ride to a music store and they came back with a guitar an amplifier and a drum set ,that’s how  really began their passion for music. Very fast they learned songs that they liked and played them for people at a very young age . you could tell they we’re born for it . where they we’re teenagers they had a band where they played Van Halen , Rush and anything they could get theirs hands on . After years of playing live the brothers decided to separate and joined already formed bands . 

Stephane will work for France d’Amour and write some of her songs , Vivante ( her most popular song) ,Va t’en pas, La vie a des chaines , Confidente and lettre a ma mère. 

He then form the band Saints and Sinners and wrote a lotta songs on there , Rip it up , Shake , We Belong to name a few , it was in 1992 . 

Then he met Eric Lapointe , doin solos on the whole first album in one night . Then he started writing songs , producing almost every records for that artist . Thirty years later he still at it with Eric Lapointe . 

Through those years working for Eric , he managed to put out two instrumentals guitar albums , Distortion and 3271 , that album was signed on Steve Via company Favored Nation ! 

In the pure Stephane Dufour tradition , both those albums he did alone , playing every instruments , arranging , mixing . 

He also worked for Eric’s brother Hugo Lapointe who came to see him to produced his first record , who did very well . 

A lotta collaborations will follow through the years : Garou, Mario Pelchat , Melanie Renault , Martin Deschamps and a lot more ! Nominations at l’ADISQ will flow every years and won a Socan price for best song with Reste La ! His reputation was made ! 

He also wrote music for movies ,Les boys 1-2-3 , les dangereux , good cop, bad cop and les trois petis cochons which he did the whole score and got a nomination at les Jutras for that movie . Hits came out of those movies like , les boys , the boys blues band . 

He also arrange a song for Dennis DeYoung , a 100 years from now , who was no 1 when it came out ! 

Since 2018 he did 2 Albums for his new band Fear The Leader sign on a worldwide distribution deal with Sony/The Orchard , the first one , self titled , came out in 2020 and the second one called , The Beginning Of The End , came out on the 11th of November 2022 . 

As of today you can say that he’s on a million albums sold for his songs !! and more !